No More Brown Lawn Fines

No More Brown Lawn Fines:

New Law Protects Homeowners from Fines During Drought

No More Green Lawn FinesIf you’re worried about being fined for letting your lawn go brown, help has arrived.

Given Governor Jerry Brown’s and the State Legislature’s focus on the serious drought now plaguing California, it comes as no surprise that the first bill to be introduced this y
ear addresses the subject of dead lawns due to water conservation. Assembly Bill 1, authored, by Assembly Member Cheryl Brown (D-San Bernardino) would prevent homeowners from being fined by local governments for letting their lawns go brown in an effort to help the state achieve unprecedented water reduction goals.

The California Association of REALTORS® supports the bill, which encourages conservation by exempting homeowners from lawn maintenance ordinances that are on the books in many California cities. According to Assembly Member Brown, fines for violation of these local laws can range from $100 a week to a flat fee of $500.

Assembly Bill 1 is not open-ended, and specifies that the exemption would only be in effect during the time that a governor’s emergency drought proclamation is in effect.  Governor Brown issued a drought proclamation in January 2014 and it remains active.

This water-saving legislation was signed so homeowners can protect California’s most precious natural resource.

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