Home Tip #5 Air Conditioner Maintenance

Home Tip #5  Air Conditioner Maintenance

  • Home Tip #5  Air Conditioner MaintenanceReplace your filters monthly during the hot summer season.  This will allow your air conditioner to work less, increasing efficiency, and ultimently lowering your energy bill.

It’s also a good idea to have annual system maintenance service done before the air conditioning season begins.  This should include cleaning your a/c unit, as well as inspecting and checking all of the internal components.  Remember, you will begin to use your air conditioning system almost daily during the summer and the best way to stay comfortable indoors is to have your air conditioner working at its best during the season. Lack of maintenance may result in potential problems that will hinder the efficiency of your a/c system. This will cause your air conditioning unit to work harder to cool your home thus wasting energy and increasing your electric bills.


Here are a few local companies that I would recommend for your a/c system service.

Home Tip #5  Air Conditioner Maintenance
Climate Master
McClelland Air Conditioning
Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning

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