Sycamore Pool A Chico Gem

One great asset to the community of Chico is Bidwell Park’s Sycamore Pool.  This swimming area is part of the One Mile Recreation Area, and is often referred to by locals as “One Mile.” Recently Sycamore Pool was rated as one of America’s best natural public swimming pools.

As near as officials can determine, Sycamore Pool was built sometime in the 1920s, damming up Big Chico Creek by building concrete sides and bottom and putting in a fish ladder so salmon can make their way upstream.  Because the pool “is” the creek, there’s no way to put cleaning chemicals in the water, but still requires regular care and maintenance.  The dedication that goes into maintaining this asset is one of the reasons that it is more than just a Chico gem.  Watch and see the work that goes into cleaning this natural pool ever Thursday during the swimming months.

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