Chico’s Aaron Rodgers Making Smiles Off The Field



Aaron & Dijon

Dijon is 12 years old, and he had sickle cell anemia until he
was cured by a bonemarrow transplant from his little brother
(click pic for video)

Chico‘s Hometown and Green Bay Packer’s Aaron Rodgers brings smiles to faces with his incredible quarterbacking skills and great leadership.  Many don’t know that he also brings smiles from surprise to some off the field.
These surprised individuals are fans who’s lives have been greatly effected by the wonderful work of non-profit groups in Wisconsin.  Aaron surprises people by showing up and hanging out when least expecting.

Aaron and David Gruber created “”  Their thought was to bring recognition and awareness to non-profits organizations that have helped positively altered peoples lives.  So far, there has been two seasons documented on the web site.  The First season spotlights the MACC Fund,  a group that helps kids with cancer.  Like Maggie, in her video below. [youtube][/youtube]

Season two recognizes two different organizations, the first is Operation Dream.  This organization is a mentoring program for young males between the ages of 4-17.

The second is Independence First, a program that is run by and for the benefit of people whom have disabilities.  Watch Kelly and Aaron’s musical talent in this video.

Aaron does not seek the lime-light, rather enjoys a subdue and low-key lifestyle.  He is not one to boast about the good deeds that he does.  With that said, he needs to be celebrated for being a positive role model and his community involvement.  Visit his web site here, to view Aaron’s interaction with the kids and to follow his efforts.

It nice know he comes from my hometown, and that he continues to give Aarons’ a good name. 😉


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