Selling Your Chico Home During The Holidays

Aaron Jay November 25, 2014

Selling Your Chico Home During The Holidays

With many holidays around the corner, sometimes selling your home may seem like a headache! Actually, the reality is that this is a great time to list your home…and here’s why:


1. Serious Buyers– People who are looking to buy a home now usually have a real need to. Perhaps they are relocating, enrolled the kids in a new school, their lease is ending, they sold their current home, etc.

2. Homes are cozy and bright– you step out of our vehicle in front of a beautiful home for sale and as soon as you get inside, its warm…the furnace is cranking out some heat, a fireplace may be on, all the lights are on. That alone is worth spending some extra time and truly taking in all the home has to offer!

3. Decor is inviting– Many sellers keep their homes in tip top shape during the holidays because they expect to have friends and family over.  Really, what more could you ask for in a marketing plan, bring everyone you know over for some turkey and mistletoe and let them spread the news about how amazing your home is to all their friends and family!

Selling Your Chico Home During The Holidays

4. Mortgage rates are LOW– Buyers can still get rates in the 4-5% range right now which is HUGE and a driving factor for many people to purchase their next home. Take advantage of that!

5. Less competition– I am sure Kent and Martha down the street are just primed and ready to sell their home….in the spring. And the minute the tulips start popping up, all the other neighbors start calling their Realtor as well.  Beat them to it! Sell now while they all compete with each other in a few months!


I will suggest that if you decide on selling your Chico home during the holidays don’t do this:

Selling Your Chico Home During The Holidays

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